Create a group

This article is for administrators. To manage your own groups, visit the Google Groups help.

What kind of group do you want to create?

Admin console Groups icon

A simple email mailing list

Choose this option to create:

  • A public or private mailing list for your organization or team
  • A group you can use for announcements

This option is right for you if: You're an administrator, you want to create groups yourself, and you don't need advanced features such as message moderation, email subscription settings, and conversation history.

Create a simple mailing list

Groups logo

A Collaborative Inbox or advanced group

Choose this option to:

  • Create a public or private mailing list or Collaborative Inbox
  • Use advanced features such as message moderation and email subscriptions
  • Have discussions in email and on

This option is right for you if: You want to use advanced features or let users create their own groups.

Create an advanced group

 A group that turns on other Google services for people in my organization

Choose this option to:

  • Turn on other Google services, such as Drive or YouTube, for a set of users without changing your organizational structure

Turn on other Google services using a group

A recommended group for specific users to share their items with

Choose this option to:

  • Add target audiences to specific users’ sharing settings, such as their Google Drive “Get link” sharing options. Target audiences help users share items with appropriate teams rather than your entire organization.

Note: You manage target audience separately from other types of groups. Learn more about target audiences.

Create a target audience

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