Create a group

This article is for G Suite administrators. To manage your own groups, visit the Google Groups help.

What kind of group do you want to create?

Admin console Groups icon

A simple email mailing list

Choose this option if you only want to create:

  • A public or private mailing list for your organization or team
  • An announcement-only mailing list

This option is right for you if: You're a G Suite administrator, you want to create groups yourself, and you don't need advanced features such as message moderation, email subscription settings, and message archiving.

Create a simple mailing list

Groups logo

A web forum, collaborative inbox, or advanced group

Choose this option to:

  • Create a public or private mailing list, web forum, or collaborative inbox
  • Use advanced features such as message moderation and email subscriptions
  • Have discussions in email and on
  • Enable user participation in interactive online discussions 

This option is right for you if: You want to use advanced features or let users create their own groups.

Set up an advanced group

 A group that turns on other Google services for people in my organization

Choose this option to:

  • Turn on other Google services, such as Drive or YouTube, for a set of users without changing your organizational structure.

Turn on other Google services using a group

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