Maximize the value of your Meet hardware and meetings

You can get the most out of your meetings with Meet hardware and software by examining your meeting patterns and usage. 

Best practices for studying your usage of meetings include:

  • Analyzing meeting metrics and setting goals for improvement in particular areas that are important to you.

  • Finding your most and least used meeting rooms and studying those rooms for insights. By looking at these rooms and reviewing their usage, you can decide whether to redeploy under-utilized systems, and you can look for patterns that provide success in the most-used rooms.

  • Look for usage data that helps you determine which types of rooms and devices users prefer for meetings. You can examine the types of meetings, such as internal vs. external, for more insight.

  • Review data from active meetings to find trends and patterns you can take advantage of, such as large meeting rooms being used by a small number of people.

  • Search for videoconferencing (VC) research for other companies of your size and study it to see if it matches patterns in your own organization. The best metric for matching your organization to another is monthly number of video minutes.

Tracking VC usage

In order to measure your organization’s adoption and usage of VC, here are some key metrics you can examine:

  • number of active rooms and other video endpoints

  • number of video minutes per month

  • number of meetings per month

  • average number of participants per meeting

  • utilization by room or device type

  • feature utilization (such as phone call, live stream, recording)

Addressing issues with VCs

Effective meetings run smoothly and are relatively free of technical issues. When technical issues occur, these are among the most common:

  • Poor Wi-Fi coverage

  • Improperly configured firewall, proxy, or VPN

  • Insufficient network bandwidth

  • Outdated client software

These issues most often occur when a user is using their own device (laptop or mobile device) as a meeting endpoint. You can spot issues using the Meet quality tool and other tools, and then work with users to resolve them. 

Reviewing VC usage data for your organization

Hangouts Meet provides analytics you can study to examine how your organization uses meetings. You can find data in the Meet quality tool about technical aspects of your meetings, and more information about meetings in meeting audit logs.

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