Download your data from Cloud Search

You can export and download your organization’s Google Cloud Search data that haven't been deleted as you can for other G Suite services. The process for downloading your data depends on the type of data you want. Identical queries within a short time frame are only included once in the export.

Data indexed from third-party repositories: Because this data came from your own sources, you already have the data. We don't provide a way to download this data.

Data from G Suite Core Services, such as emails from Gmail and files from Drive: In contrast to data indexed from third-party repositories, you can use an automated tool, the Data Export tool, to export your organization’s data.

Cloud Search data: This data can be downloaded via the Data Export tool.

Exported data from Google Cloud Search might include:

  • Datasources
  • Datasource schemas
  • Search applications
  • Search activity
  • Clicks
  • Homepage views
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