Configure alert center email notifications

By configuring a rule in the Google Admin console, you can configure alert center email notifications. You can also use a rule to configure other settings, for example to turn alert center alerts on or off

Configure alert center email notifications:

  1. Sign in to your Google Admin console.

    Sign in using your administrator account (does not end in

  2. At the top, click Menu Menu and select Security and then Alert Center. You’ll see any alerts for your domain. 
  3. Click the Alert Rules Settings icon Settings in the upper-right corner to open the Rules page.
    This page lists rules for trackable security events such as a suspicious login, a compromised device, a leaked password, or a new user added. For some of these events, you can turn on alerts, which means they will appear in the alert center. For all of them, you can set up email notifications.
  4. Click a rule to open the Rule details page.
  5. Click the Actions panel.
  6. If the Alerts option is present, be sure the alert is turned On, and choose a default severity level. 
    If you turn off an alert, email notifications are not sent.
  7. In Send email notifications, you have the option to select All super administrators as well as click ADD RECIPIENTS to add multiple recipients from the list of users in your domain.
  8. Click NEXT: REVIEW.
  9. Click UPDATE RULE.
  10. On the Rule details page, click Rules at top left to return to the Rules page.
  11. Verify the following:
    • The Status for the rule is Active.
    • The Actions column shows Send notification.
    • If an alert center alert is available for the rule, the Alerts column shows On. (For rules that don't generate an alert center alert, a dash appears in the Alerts column.)


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