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Your users can continue to use HCL Notes (formerly IBM Notes) alongside Google Calendar with Google Calendar Connector for HCL Notes (GCCIN) and Google Calendar Resource Sync (GCRS), whether together or separately.

GCCIN lets your users see each other’s availability regardless of whether they’re using Notes or Calendar. This can help during a G Suite deployment, for example, if pilot users have Calendar and other users have Notes. GCRS is used to synchronize HCL Notes calendar resources and Calendar resources. During a G Suite migration, for example, pilot users on one system can see resources booked in the other.

Distinguish between GCRS & GCCIN

What it does Share users’ free or busy information between Calendar and Notes. Synchronize Notes Resource Reservations database with Google Calendar Resources.
How it does it

From Calendar—Real time lookup from Google Calendar is the interface to Notes (web service).

From Notes—Calendar data gets pulled into Notes busytime store hourly (scheduled Domino agent).

Runs every 5 minutes (scheduled Domino agent).
When to use it You have some users using G Suite and others using Notes, typically during your migration and deployment period. Your users are moving from Notes to G Suite, and you want to let users book resources in either system during the deployment.

Use the tools with GSMIN

To improve calendar coexistence during your G Suite deployment, you can use GCCIN and GCRS with G Suite Migration for HCL Notes (GSMIN). You use GSMIN to migrate mail, calendar, contacts, and group information from your Notes' account to G Suite.


  • You should only use GSMIN with GCCIN for users who have fully migrated to Calendar. This is because Calendar data replaces your users’ Notes calendar data.
  • You can use GSMIN with GCRS without the risk of conflicts.

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