About Google Calendar Connector for IBM Notes

Google Calendar Connector for IBM® Notes® (GCCIN) allows users to use IBM Notes Calendar with Google Calendar. It is ideal for users migrating to G Suite from IBM Notes who want to retain free/busy visibility across both systems during the migration period. Free/busy look-up is supported in both directions.

For detail on implementing and troubleshooting GCCIN, see the Installation and Administration Guide.

Overview of GCCIN

Google-to-Notes lookup

The Google-to-Notes lookup is made in real time using a web service provided as part of your G Suite domain.

You add an attendee to a meeting and the web-service consumer on the Google servers makes a call to the Domino service provider included as part of GCCIN. The connector then accesses the Notes busy-time store and returns the information to Google calendar for display in the scheduler dialog.

Learn more about the Google Calendar Web Service Protocol.

Notes-to-Google lookup

The Notes-to-Google lookup is made against the Notes busy-time store. An agent on the GCCIN server polls the Google calendars every hour to extract meeting details, and updates the Notes systems with the Google data.

System requirements
  • G Suite or G Suite for Education.
  • IBM Domino Server Release 6.5 or later.
  • Install the tool on Microsoft Windows 2008 server or later.
  • A single Notes Client with Domino Administrator installed.
  • Administrator access to your Domino mail servers.

    Note: You might not meet this requirement if you're using a hosted mail server.

  • Editor access with delete rights to all mail files.
  • Microsoft Core XML Services 6.0

Important: You can't use Calendar Interop at the same time as GCCIN. Google Calendar supports only one external source of free/busy data at a time. 

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