Tell group owners about changes to Groups settings

In May 2019, Google Groups settings will be changing. As an administrator, you might want to send an email to group owners announcing the changes and letting them know what they should do to prepare.

Here's a sample email you can use to create your message.

Subject: Google Groups settings to be merged or removed

Dear Group owner,

In May 2019, the Settings section of Google Groups will be changing to make it easier to manage groups. Settings with similar functionality will be combined. And some settings that are rarely used will be removed.

These changes may affect your existing groups and groups you create.

What’s changing

  • Member management settings—Settings for adding, approving, and inviting users to groups are being merged into a single setting for member managers.
  • Content moderator settings—Settings for approving posts, deleting posts, and locking topics are being merged into a single setting for content moderators.
  • Content metadata settings—Settings for adding and changing tags and other metadata are being merged into a single setting for metadata moderators.
  • Rarely used settings—Some rarely used settings are going away.

What you need to do

Verify that people who manage members or content have the right permissions:

If you do nothing

Settings for your groups will be updated to match the new controls. Also, users' permissions might change, depending on their current settings. As a result, some users might gain or lose permissions unexpectedly.

Learn more about the changes to Google Groups settings.

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