Run a 5 step pilot

Run a pilot with a small group before rolling Google Workspace out to your entire team.

In a large organization or enterprise, a pilot team can try out Gmail before you actually switch everyone over to Google Workspace. Piloting won't interrupt anyone's current mail service, and users can keep using their current email address. You do this by setting up dual delivery.

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Get pilot users to sign in

Now that you’ve signed up for Google Workspace and added your pilot users, let them know how they can sign in to their Google Workspace accounts.

Send these instructions to your pilot users (replace your_domain with your own organization’s domain name):

  1. In any web browser, go to
  2. Sign in with your Google Workspace username and password.

Get pilot users to sign in


Start sending mail

Pilot users can begin using Gmail right away. They’ll be able to send and receive emails in Gmail, but their email address won’t change.

  • If you didn't change your MX records during the sign-up process, you can do it now. Sign in to your Admin consoleand click Set up Gmail in the Wizard at the top of the screen to get guided help. See the steps now.
  • If you’d like your pilot users to test Gmail but continue to receive email in their current inbox as well, you can set up dual delivery. With dual delivery, you won’t have to change your MX records at your domain host. Learn about dual delivery.
  • If you'd rather access email in Microsoft Outlook instead of Gmail, you can install our plug-in for Outlook. You can also sync email with many other desktop email programs (such as Apple Mail) using IMAP.

Start sending mail


Migrate users' data

Choose a small number of pilot users to test the migration tools and import their old emails, calendar events, and contacts into Google Workspace. You can migrate data directly from your legacy server or let users migrate their own data.

Migrate users



Set up mobile devices

During your trial, you can sync your organization's Google Workspace mail, contacts, and calendar data to your users' Android, iOS, BlackBerry, or Windows mobile devices.

Set up mobile devices


Explore Google Workspace

Start using the seamless integration of Gmail, Calendar, and Meet for your meetings, or collaborate together in Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides using Drive.

Check out our Quick Start Guides and direct your team to training resources.

Explore G Suite

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