Set up the data migration service

1. Check where you can migrate from

Options for legacy environments

If you're migrating from You can migrate

Microsoft Exchange Online (Office 365)

Exchange 2016

Exchange 2013

Exchange 2010

Exchange 2007

  • Email
  • Contacts
  • Calendar events
  • Calendar resources

Note: In a single migration, you can migrate email, contacts, or calendars, but you can't migrate 2 or more of them at the same time. Migrate them separately.

Exchange 2003 or earlier

IMAP-based webmail providers, such as 1&1 IONOS, AOL, Apple iCloud, Bluehost, Yahoo!, or Zoho

Another Google Workspace account

A personal Gmail ( account

HCL (formerly IBM) Domino server

Other IMAP servers


Note: You can use the data migration service to move data from HCL Notes to Google Workspace. However, we recommend using Google Workspace Migration for HCL Notes (GWMHN) for this task. For details, go to Migrate from HCL Notes to Google Workspace


Tip: Google Workspace offers multiple migration products. For details on migrating from different source environments, go to the Google Workspace migration product matrix.

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