Work Insights administration overview

This feature is only available with G Suite Enterprise.

Work Insights provides detailed metrics on your organization's G Suite usage. Using the Work Insights dashboard, personnel such as administrators, managers, and human resources staff can get data-driven insights on G Suite adoption, work patterns, and cross-team collaboration.

For more information about accessing the Work Insights dashboard, viewing and analyzing metrics, and implementing solutions to G Suite usage problems, see the Work Insights help center.

Setting up Work Insights

As a G Suite administrator, you first need to choose which teams' G Suite usage data to make available on the Work Insights dashboard. Then you can give other personnel access to teams' data on the dashboard. Depending on which privileges you give to them, these personnel can filter data by the following types of teams:

  • Organizational units—Teams organized according to your organization's structure. If you give users access to data for multiple organizational units, they can filter data separately by each one. Learn more about organizational units.
  • Whitelisted groups—Teams organized into groups (such as mailing lists). You can give users access to data for all whitelisted groups, not to specific ones. Users can filter data separately for each group. Learn more about groups.
  • Managers' teams—Teams that report to a manager and to any other managers in their reporting line. Users can filter data separately by each manager's team in a reporting line.

Work Insights availability

Work Insights is available only if your organization has G Suite Enterprise licenses. If your organization has G Suite Enterprise but you can't access Work Insights, contact your Google sales representative.

Note: If your organization has other types of G Suite licenses in addition to Enterprise—such as G Suite Basic or G Suite Business—you can still view data for users with those types of licenses in Work Insights.

Privacy features in Work Insights

Work Insights provides features to help mitigate concerns about the privacy of users' data. For details, see Work Insights and user trust.

Getting approval

Before you start using Work Insights, Google recommends that you consult with you organization's legal and human resources teams.

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