Integrate third-party repositories in Cloud Search

This feature is available with Cloud Search Platform. Please contact your Google Account Manager for details on enabling this feature.

As an administrator, you can expand the content your organization searches by integrating non-Google repositories, such as Microsoft SharePoint. To search content from these third-party repositories, you need a software program called a connector that uses Google APIs to integrate the data with Cloud Search.

There are 2 types of connectors you need to search third-party repositories:

  • Content connector—Software program that uses the Cloud Search Indexing API to integrate content from a third-party repository and makes it searchable to Cloud Search users.
  • Identity connector—Software program that syncs user and group identities between a third-party identity source and an organization’s Google directory. An example is Google Cloud Directory Sync.

Depending on the type of third-party repository you want to integrate, you have different connector options:

  • Pre-built—Use a standard connector from Google or from one of our authorized partners. Modify it to fit your needs or use it as is. Connectors are available for many types of repositories, such as Microsoft SharePoint. Learn more at the Cloud Search Connector Directory.
  • Custom—Develop a custom connector using your own skills. Or, work with a vendor to create a solution for you.

A developer can help you choose a connector to fit your needs. To learn about connectors and what’s involved in building a solution, see the Cloud Search developers' website.

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