Provide feedback on alerts

Providing feedback on alerts helps improve future alert quality within your domain. This feedback will only be used to improve signals for your domain, and will not be shared outside of your organization. Any administrator in your domain with full access to the alert center can provide feedback.

Only machine-learning based alerts are included in this feature. This currently includes the following alert types:

  • User-reported phishing
  • Attacks caused by bad whitelists

To provide feedback on an alert:

  1. Sign in to your Google Admin console at with your administrator account. 
  2. From the main menu in the upper-left corner of the Admin console, click Security and then Alert center.
  3. To describe the quality of the alert, you have two options:
    • From the Alert quality feedback column, choose Not useful if the alert is not very useful in helping you discover an issue, or choose Somewhat useful or Very useful.
    •  Click the alert to open the Alert details page. In the left column, choose Not usefulSomewhat useful, or Very useful.

​Note: If the alert is not a machine-learning based alert, you won't see an option to specify the alert quality.

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