Turn on or off Sites

If you turn on Sites, your users can create and manage websites in your domain to share and collaborate on documents, videos, schedules, and more.

Multiple domains? Users in all your domains can use Sites. You can easily turn on Sites or turn it off for your different organizations.

To turn on or off Google Sites:

If your domain is set up to automatically turn on new services, you don't need to do anything to turn on Sites. Otherwise, follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to the Google Admin console.
  2. On the dashboard, click Apps, then click Google Apps.
  3. Click Settings in the list for Sites. Choose:
    • ON for everyone to turn on Sites for everyone in your organization.
    • ON for some organizations to turn on Sites for selected organizations.
    • OFF to turn off Sites for everyone in your organization.

After you've turned on Sites you can set sharing options to specify whether users can create their own sites, enable viewers to comment on sites, and more.

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