Gmail settings size limits

As an administrator, you configure Gmail settings, such as compliance, routing, objectionable content, quarantines, and more. To keep Gmail running efficiently and avoid email delivery delays, make sure your Gmail settings stay within the following recommended size limits.

Recommended limits

These limits are for your entire Google Workspace account: all your organizational units and domains combined. 

Setting description Google Workspace account limit Learn more about these settings
Settings: The size limit for all Gmail settings, such as SpamCompliance, and Routing settings.
  • 5 MB. This limit is the combined size of all Gmail settings in your Google Workspace account, after you save them and they’re compiled by the system. If you reach this limit, you can’t save additional settings. 
  • 1,000 settings (not over 5 MB).
Descriptions: The number of characters that can be used to describe settings, regular expressions, and other items.
  • 1,000 characters per description
Regular expressions: The guidelines for simple-match and advanced-match regular expressions.
  • 1,000 expressions
  • 4,000 characters per expression
Recipients: The number of recipients in the Also deliver to setting.
  • 100 recipients 
Objectionable words: The number of words in the Objectionable content setting.
  • 100,000 entries

Email addresses: The number of addresses for: 

  • Approved and blocked senders. 
  • Apply or bypass lists, which are lists that are used to apply settings to specific addresses or bypass settings for specific addresses.
  • 2,000 address lists 
  • 100,000 addresses per list

Email address maps: The guidelines for recipient address maps or alias tables.

5,000 entries per map

Depending on your email sending practices, we may reduce the recipient address limit for your domain. This can affect recipient limits for your address maps. We recommend you follow our best practices for sending mail to Gmail users.

S/MIME certificates: The number of S/MIME root certificates.
  • 100 root certificates
Email quarantines: The number of email quarantines. 
  • 201 quarantines
Attachments: Depends on several factors and ranges from 25 MB for outgoing mail to 150 MB for inbound mail to addresses.     



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