Delete an​ administrator account

Every administrator for your organization’s Google Workspace account should have a separate administrator account. When one of them leaves your organization, follow best practices to delete the admin account while maintaining security of your Google Workspace account.

To temporarily block access to the Google Admin console, suspend the admin’s user account. Suspending a user account that has admin privileges means that person can’t sign in to the Admin console or to their user account.

If you created a separate administrator account for them and they use a regular user account for day-to-day activities, they can continue to use their user account, but they won’t be able to sign in to the administrator account. If the person is leaving, you must delete both accounts. 

You can also revoke administrator privileges without deleting the user. 

Delete an admin account

To permanently delete an admin account or if an employee is leaving the company, you delete the administrator account the same way you would a user account.

Follow best practices to maintain the security of your organization’s Google Workspace account.

  1. Before you delete an admin account, you should first suspend the account.
    People can no longer sign in to this account to access the Admin console, use Gmail, or use any other services. If the person is leaving the company, suspend their user account also.
  2. Next, follow best practices to maintain data security before you delete the account.
  3. (Optional) In the Google Admin console, review the Admin Report under the Audit category and filter for the admin’s name before you delete the account to identify any unauthorized actions (for example, backdoor administrative account creation).
  4. When you have completed these steps, you can delete the account from your organization.

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