Classic Hangouts to Meet FAQ

Below are common questions about migrating from classic Hangouts to Hangouts Meet.

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Browser and device support

Which browsers work with Meet?
You can use Meet with the current version and the previous major release of these browsers:
  • Chrome Browser
  • Mozilla® Firefox®
  • Microsoft® Edge®
  • Apple® Safari® 13

Meet also has limited support in Microsoft® Internet Explorer® 11.

See: Use a supported web browser

In 2019, Meet will have parity with the existing classic Hangouts experience, including support for Microsoft® Windows® and Apple® Mac® users who do not use Chrome Browser or Firefox. After this, Meet will automatically be turned on for all organizational units and domains and you can no longer opt out. We will provide at least 4 weeks notice before Meet is turned on for all users. 

In this phase, all new Google Calendar events will include a Meet video meeting link. All Google meeting room hardware (Hangouts Meet hardware, Chromebox and Chromebase for meetings) will also use Meet.

Does Meet work with Google meeting room hardware?
Yes. You can use Meet with Google meeting room hardware devices. And, even if your organization is using Meet, you can still join and start classic Hangouts video calls from Google meeting room hardware.

 Updating events to Meet

Why am I seeing a notification to update my Calendar event to Meet?
During the migration from classic Hangouts to Meet, video meetings scheduled in Google Calendar are updated to use Meet. For most events, this change happens automatically. However, for complex event setups, such as multiple events on different Calendars using the same video link, you might need to manually select Meet for some Calendar events.
It's important to update these Calendar events before classic Hangouts video calls are deactivated.
How do I update my existing events to Hangouts Meet?
To update an existing Calendar event to use Meet instead of classic Hangouts: 
  1. Open the event. 
  2. On the Event Details tab, next to Video call Video call, click the Down arrow Down Arrowand thenHangouts Meet
  3. Click Save.

Switching services

How do I know if my organization has Calendar events with classic Hangouts?
You can see if your organization is still using classic Hangouts video calls in the Meet audit log.
Look for the number of calls that contain a Calendar Event ID with classic Hangouts as the product type.
How do I turn off classic Hangouts video calls and only use Meet in my organization?
As a G Suite administrator, you can choose Meet for all video meetings and turn off classic Hangouts video calls for all of your users.
How do I quickly start a Meet video meeting that's not in Calendar?
To quickly start an impromptu Meet video meeting:
  1. Create a name for the meeting.
  2. Share it with the people you want to meet with.

To join the meeting:

  1. Go to the Meet home page.
  2. Click Use a meeting code or Join or start a meeting.
  3. Enter the name for the meeting and click Continue.
  4. Click Join.
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