Unexpected changes in group membership

This article is for administrators. To manage your own groups, visit the Google Groups help.""

When users change their personal account information, you might see unexpected changes in group membership.

For example, if you add a group member with the email address john.doe@yahoo.com (the alternate email address of the Gmail account johnnyd@gmail.com):

  • When John Doe deletes the Google Account associated with johnnyd@gmail.com, the alternate address, john.doe@yahoo.com, disappears from the group.
  • When John Doe removes john.doe@yahoo.com as the alternate email address for johnnyd@gmail.com, johnnyd@gmail.com (the primary email address of the account) appears as a group member. Messages sent to the group are now delivered to johnnyd@gmail.com, not to john.doe@yahoo.com.

Investigate email removals or replacements

The way Google Groups manages memberships through accounts doesn’t affect members without associated Google Accounts. For them, only administrators or managers of Google Workspace organizations can change their group memberships.

To review changes to groups, use the Groups audit log.

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