About Calendar Interop

As a G Suite administrator, you can use the new Calendar Interop tool to allow Microsoft® Exchange and Google Calendar to work together. You can enable the sharing of availability status of users in both calendar systems so that everyone can see each others' schedules.

Administrators can

  • Turn Calendar Interop on for a domain. Availability (only busy blocks visible to users) and full event information (titles and locations of events visible to users) lookups are supported. 

    Important: Calendar Interop respects event-level privacy settings. If an event is marked as private in Exchange, the event's details will not be visible in Google Calendar. Similarly, if an event is marked as private in Google Calendar, its details will not be visible in Exchange.

  • Use automated tools to verify setup.

  • View error messages and suggestions for resolving those errors.

  • Track cross-system user requests for availability information in the Google Admin console.

Calendar and Exchange users can

  • See each other’s availability information.

  • Use Calendar Interop on Google Calendar Android, iOS and web clients.

  • Use Calendar Interop on all Outlook 2010+ clients (including desktop, mobile and web Outlook versions).

Ready to begin? 

See Get started with Calendar Interop

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