Before you begin with GCCHN

To use Google Calendar Connector for HCL Notes (GCCHN), you must meet the following requirements.

System requirements

Google Workspace

  • A G Suite or Google Workspace edition
  • A Google Workspace super administrator account for your Google Admin console (for example, to provision users and resources and activate profiles)
  • (Optional) A Google Workspace service account to authenticate the HCL Domino server. Learn more


To install and run GCCHN, you need Microsoft Windows Server 2013 or later. Older versions of Windows Server might work, but check whether you need to update the XML services to Microsoft Core XML Services 6 level. Consult your Microsoft documentation about checking your version and how to update.

HCL Notes and Domino

  • While mail files can reside on any operating system that supports HCL Notes, migration requires HCL Domino Server release 6.5 or later.
  • Install a single HCL Notes client with Domino Administrator.
  • Administrator access is required for the mail files being migrated through a trusted user or server ID.
  • The server responsible for polling Google servers must have access to the internet.
  • The connector server ID must have editor or above access (with delete rights) to all mail files.
  • Each user’s Person document must be kept in the Domino directory.
  • Users must be identifiable as Notes mail users. If you:
    • Set forwarding addresses—Domino won't return schedule information for these users.
    • Need to apply a forwarding rule—Apply it at the mail file level for each of your users to ensure that Domino continues to respond to availability requests.

GCCHN and other migration products

Optionally, you can use GCCHN with Google Calendar Resource Sync (GCRS). GCRS synchronizes Notes calendar resources and Google Calendar resources. If you use GCRS, users on one system can view resources booked in the other. For details, go to Compare GCRS and GCCHN.

Don't use GCCHN if you are using these migration or sync products:

Important: Avoid data loss

After a user migrates to Google Workspace, GCCHN wipes the existing Notes calendar and overwrites it with future Google Calendar events. To avoid losing data:

  • If you're trialing Google Workspace, don’t use GCCHN. Use GCCHN when you're fully committed to moving to a Google Workspace account.
  • Don't set a user’s Calendar field value to Google under the following circumstances:
    • If you want to retain the Notes calendar
    • Until the user is completely migrated to Google Workspace and is no longer using the Notes calendar

Next step

Create a service account

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