Get a report of inactive company devices

Supported editions for this feature: Frontline Standard; Business Plus; Enterprise Standard and Enterprise Plus; Education Standard, Education Plus, and Endpoint Education Upgrade; G Suite Business; Cloud Identity Premium.  Compare your edition

As an administrator, you can get a monthly report of unused company-owned Android devices that haven’t synchronized any work data in the last 30 days. The report is automatically emailed to all super administrators, and any other recipients you specify. Recipients can download the file to review unused devices and who last signed in with them.

Note: Most devices in your company-owned inventory are evaluated for the report, but the following Android devices aren’t included:

  • Personal Android devices in device owner mode (deprecated)
  • Devices with Android 12 or later with a work profile

What’s in the report?

The report is a CSV file that lists the following device details:

  • Serial number and asset tag
  • Date it was first set up
  • Time it last synced
  • The email address of the last user that signed in

Turn the report on or off and change recipients

Before you begin: If you need to set up a department or team for this setting, go to Add an organizational unit.

  1. Sign in to your Google Admin console.

    Sign in using your administrator account (does not end in

  2. In the Admin console, go to Menu and then Devicesand thenMobile & endpointsand thenSettingsand thenUniversal.
  3. Click Securityand thenInactive company owned devices.
  4. Optional: To apply the setting to a department or team, at the side, select an organizational unit.
  5. To turn on automatic reporting, check the box.
  6. (Optional) To send the report to more people, in the Also notify field, enter their email addresses.
  7. Click Save. Or, you might click Override for an organizational unit.

    To later restore the inherited value, click Inherit

Note: If you’re not an administrator and you want to unsubscribe from the report, contact your administrator.

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