Troubleshoot Google Meet Hardware

Use this information if you have issues with Google Meet hardware during a video meeting. For example, you or your users might have audio distortion or video problems. 

See Troubleshoot issues with Google Meet for additional information, or include this information in your G Suite support case.

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Troubleshoot issues

Before you begin


To troubleshoot issues on Meet hardware, you:

  • Should be a G Suite administrator for your organization.
  • Need access to submit and respond to support cases.
  • Need physical access to the device and meeting room.
  • Should turn on feedback by email in your Google Admin console so you receive user-submitted feedback. For details, see Manage Google meeting room hardware.

Apply device and network best practices

Step 1: Have users submit feedback

When there’s an issue, ask users to submit feedback while they’re still in the video meeting. Tell them to use the button in the lower-left side of the Meet hardware screen.

If they’ve left the meeting, ask users to submit feedback from the Meet hardware Home screen. Or, do it for them.

Use the feedback with the steps below to troubleshoot. 

Step 2: Review Meet audit log data
In your Google Admin console, you can track video meeting activity in your organization. For details, see Google Meet audit log.
Step 3: Save logs to a USB drive
If a device isn’t connected to the internet, you can save logs to a USB drive.
  1. Go to the room with the issue with a USB drive, keyboard, and mouse. 
  2. Restart the device and press Ctrl+Alt+S.
  3. Browse as guest and go to chrome://net-internals/#chromeos.
  4. Click Store Debug Logs. The file saves to the Downloads folder.
  5. Insert the USB drive.
  6. Save the log to a USB drive.
Step 4: Review data using the Meet quality tool
You can see data for video meetings that involved Meet hardware, including network congestion, packet loss, and jitter. For details, see Troubleshoot meeting quality.
Step 5: Open a support case with Google
If the above steps don’t work: 
  1. Sign in as an administrator.
  2. See Contact G Suite support to open a support case.
  3. Attach logs, time of issue, and the device serial number.
  4. Record the case number for reference.

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