Troubleshoot Chrome devices for meetings

Use this information to troubleshoot video meeting quality issues on a Chrome device for meetings installed in a meeting room.

For example:

  • Audio—Garbling, echoing, noise, or silence
  • VIdeo—No HD resolution, low frame rate, or latency (live video and screen sharing)


  • You should be a domain or delegated administrator to your G Suite domain
  • Have access to submit and respond to support cases
  • Have physical access to the device and meeting room
  • Enable “Receive feedback by email” in your Admin console so that user submitted feedback from the device is also forwarded to the domain administrator

Complete the device and network best practices

Before you begin, review and complete the following best practices:


  1. When an issue is reported, ask users on the call to submit feedback using the button in the lower left side of the Chrome device for meetings screen. Both parties should file feedback while remaining in the call.
  2. If this isn’t possible, ask users to submit feedback once the call is over from the Chrome device for meetings Home screen, or ask your Support staff do it for them.
  3. (Optional) As an alternative when your device does not have network connectivity, you can also capture logs, save them to a USB drive and provide them to your support representative.
    1. Ask your Support staff to go to the target room with a USB memory card, a keyboard, and mouse. 
    2. Reboot device and press Ctrl+Alt+S to switch to standalone mode.
    3. Browse as guest, go to chrome://net-internals/#chromeos, and click Store Debug Logs. The file is saved in the Downloads folder.
    4. Save the log to a USB thumbdrive.
    5. Provide the logs to your support representative. Also include the device serial# and the date and time of the event.
  4. Open a Google Support Case and attach logs, time of the event, and device serial number.
    1. Sign in to (administrators only).
    2. Click Support.
    3. Click Chrome devices for meetings link.
  5. Record the case number and inform your primary Google point of contact.
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