Overview: Manage Google Meet for your users

With Google Meet, you can start and join video meetings from any device, anywhere. Invite people inside or outside of your organization, share your screen, and create meetings for entire teams to join. As a G Suite administrator for your organization, you need to set up Meet for your users. 

As a G Suite administrator, you can:

Turn video calling on or off

Meet is turned on by default for new G Suite customers, so you can get started with video meetings right away.

Organizations that use classic Hangouts video calls can turn Meet on or off in the Google Admin console.

Prepare your network

Make sure your network has the bandwidth and is set up to provide a quality video meeting experience.

Switch to Meet

Prepare your users and organization using the Google Meet Starter Kit.

Create video meeting rooms

Install your system, so groups and teams can join video meetings.

Train your users

Help your users with tutorials, tips, and other resources.


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