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Message bounced due to a policy rule

If your organization has set up policy rules that filter email messages for content compliance, and a user in your organization sends an email that violates a rule, the email bounces. The user gets an error message that a rule has been violated. As a Google Workspace administrator, you can use the error message to resolve and prevent policy violations.

Policy violations and solutions

Compliance, routing, or custom error message

You might have a policy rule that prevents users from sending messages containing credit card numbers. Similarly, you can have a policy that prevents users from sending messages with .zip attachments. If a message bounces because it violates a routing, compliance, or objectionable content rule, you’ll see one of these messages:

  • Default rejection message—For example, Rejected due to policy associated with sender.
  • A custom message—You can enter a custom message when you set up the rule.

How do I fix the problem?

If there’s a custom message, follow the directions to fix the problem. If there’s no custom message, you need to examine the logs. For details, see Display information on triggered settings.

Related topics

Encryption error message

If you have a policy rule that requires outgoing messages be S/MIME encrypted or signed and Gmail can’t get a recipient’s public key, encryption fails. When encryption fails, you’ll see A policy required encryption but was unable to encrypt the message.

How do I fix the problem?

Ensure that S/MIME keys are exchanged prior to rule enforcement. For details, see Enable hosted S/MIME for enhanced message security.


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