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Before using the transfer tool

Use the Transfer tool for unmanaged users to see if you have any unmanaged Google accounts, and to migrate those unmanaged accounts to your domain. For instructions, see Use the transfer tool to migrate unmanaged users

Before you get started with the transfer tool

  • For more details about unmanaged users and why it's important to transfer them, see Find and add unmanaged users.
  • Make sure your domain is verified with a TXT or CNAME record. Learn more about verifying your domain
  • If you changed your MX records before you created your Google Account, set up a forwarding rule or catch-all address so your users get their transfer request. Learn how to Avoid bounced messages from new MX records
  • When a personal account is transferred to a managed account, all current Google Workspace policies apply to the managed account. In some cases, this could result in account data loss. For example, data loss might occur if the account is assigned an insufficient license or is subject to retention rules.

What happens when an account is transferred

Personal (unmanaged) Google Accounts that are transferred to Google Workspace managed user accounts: 

  • Can't be changed back to a personal account.
  • Are added to the root organizational unit. After the account is transferred, you can move the user to another organizational unit. Read more about organizational units.
  • Are assigned a Cloud Identity Free license.

Transferred user accounts receive access to the following services, if their administrator assigns them a Google Workspace license and sets up the services for them:

Services not listed in the above articles aren't guaranteed to work with a personal account that's transferred to a managed account.

Transferred personal accounts may lose data and content for some Google services. Your users might want to review and download their personal account info before transferring their account.

What happens when an account is renamed

User data—When a user renames their personal (unmanaged) account with a different email address, all data in the user's personal account remains in the account. The data in the personal account remains safe and accessible only to the user.

Email aliases—Some people use their organization’s address as an alternate email address (or email alias) for their personal (unmanaged) Google account. When a user renames their account, the alias is removed from the personal account after you create their managed Google account. The user is notified of this change the next time they sign in to their personal Google account.

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