Editing in classic Sites will be turned off starting January 30, 2023. Act now to review and migrate from classic Sites to new Sites. Learn more

Set up classic Google Sites

This article is for administrators of the classic Google Sites (no Publish button at the top right). Get help for administrators of the new Google Sites.

Complete these basic steps to turn on classic Google Sites and define some basic options for the people in your organization.

Basic steps

  1. Turn classic Google Sites on or off

    Administrators can turn classic Sites on or off using the Google Admin console. People who have Sites turned on can use it to create and manage websites at your domain's web address.
  2. Set sharing options

    By default, people in your organization can find and share sites. Adjust the sharing options to determine whether users can share sites with people outside of your domain.
  3. Restrict access to create new sites

    By default, everyone in your domain can create new sites, but you can restrict that so people can only edit existing sites to which they’ve been added as collaborators by a site creator.
  4. Change the default visibility of new sites

    By default, people in your organization can find and edit newly created sites. As an administrator, you can easily make new sites visible only to the site owner.
  5. Turn on viewer commenting

    Viewer commenting is disabled by default in classic Sites. To make the sites in your domain more social, turn on viewer commenting. Site owners can then turn on the feature for each of their sites.

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