Add users from Contacts on an iOS device

Currently only available for super administrators.

On your Apple® iOS® device, you can use the Google Admin app and Google Contacts to add contacts as new G Suite users. Any contact information, such as email address and phone number, is added as well. Even the user’s photo is added.

Add a new user from Contacts

  1. Open the Google Admin app Google Admin. Set up now.
  2. If necessary, tap Menu Menu and then the Down arrow Down Arrow to switch to your super administrator account.
  3. Tap Menu Menu and then Users.
  4. Tap Add Add and then Import contact.
  5. Tap the name or photo of the contact you want to add.

    The contact’s name is imported, along with their photo (if available) and any email addresses and phone numbers.

  6. Enter the user’s new G Suite email address.
  7. (Optional) Set the user’s initial password.

    By default, Google Admin generates a temporary password for the new user. The password character length is greater than the required minimum (8), or the minimum password length you've set for your domain.

  8. (Optional) To change the initial password, set Auto generate password to OFF and enter a new password twice.

    The password must be at least 8 characters. See Password help for tips on how to create a strong password.

  9. (Optional) Require the user to change their password when they next sign in.

    By default, this requirement is on.

  10. (Optional) To add additional information or add the user to a group, tap Add more info.

    This information is visible in the Google Admin console and if you access Contacts via Gmail.

  11. Tap Done Done.

    When the new user is added, you see a confirmation message.

  12. Tap OK to close the message box or tap Share to send details of the new account using Gmail or another messaging application.

    Google sends the new user a welcome email with the account details (domain name, user name, and password). The message includes a link to sign in to their new account.

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