Set up and open the Google Admin app on iOS

Currently only available for super administrators.

To use the Google Admin app, you must have a super administrator account on your Apple® iOS® device.

Set up the app

  1. Set up a lock-screen PIN on your device for security. (Recommended.)
  2. Install Google Admin from Apple® iTunes®.

Open the app in your super administrator account

  1. Open the Google Admin app "".
  2. If there’s a Sign in button, tap it.
  3. Enter your super administrator account email and tap Next.
  4. Enter your super administrator account password and tap Next.
  5. If you see an error message, you need to switch to your super administrator account:
    • Tap Menu "".
    • Next to your username, tap the Down arrow "" and select your super administrator account.

Note: After you set up and open the Google Admin app, it remembers your password so you don’t need to enter it every time you open the app. The next time you open the app, you’re asked if you want to switch the setting so that a password is required each time you use the app. If you keep the Remember me option turned on, you won’t see any more prompts asking about passwords. Just remember, you can always turn the option on or off in the password settings.

Getting errors?

If you try to sign in and see an error like Insufficient permissions, you need to sign in with a super administrator account.


The Google Admin app works with VoiceOver, an iOS screen reader. For information about VoiceOver and other iOS accessibility features, visit the Apple support site. For information on the accessibility of Google products, see:

To report accessibility issues in Google products, use our accessibility feedback form.

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