Signed up for business email powered by G Suite?

You’ve got a business email address and access to all the great services that G Suite provide, such as Calendar, Docs, and cloud storage, but there might be some important considerations, depending on how you signed up for your business email and your domain.

Which business email service?

If you signed up for the business email service that lets you manage your personal and business email via the same Google inbox, you’ve purchased business email powered by G Suite.
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Did you unlock additional features?

If you then unlocked additional features, such as the ability to add more business email accounts for your team, you’re using the Google Admin console to manage your business email account. You can use the Admin console to manage these features and find details about your account, including information about the personal Gmail account that you used to sign up.

To check if you’re using business email powered by G Suite:

  1. Sign in to the Google Admin console.
  2. From the dashboard, click Users.
  3. Select the name of the person who set up business email for your team.
  4. On the User account page, click Account.

    The Contact information email shows the personal Gmail account used to sign up, indicating that this is a business email account, powered by G Suite.

Gmail as secondary email address in Admin console


  • If you delete the email account of the person who signed up for business email, that person also loses all data associated with their personal Gmail account, including emails, contacts, and calendar items.
  • If you delete the user who purchased the domain when they signed up for business email, you can no longer manage the domain through Google Domains. However, to retain access to the domain, transfer the domain to a different G Suite account. For details, see Transfer a domain between Google accounts. If the user purchased the domain from a domain host, they can continue to manage their domain via their domain host's website.
  • If you cancel your business email subscription, the person who signed up for business email also loses access to their personal Gmail account.

Learn more about other considerations before you cancel your subscription.

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