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Google Workspace developer support

Guides and community developer support are available for Google Workspace developer products, including Apps Script, Add-ons, and APIs. You can find links to the following types of support in the documentation for each developer product:

  • Questions and advice—How to perform specific operations in supported coding languages via Stack Overflow and other dedicated community support forums
  • Bug and error troubleshooting—How to contact support specialists or get help from the developer community
  • Developer product feedback—How to send feedback about each developer product

For more details, go to Google Workspace for Developers.

Contact Google Workspace support

Google Workspace administrators can contact Google Workspace support for additional help from a specialist. Specialists can help with the following developer products:

Create a support case

  1. While signed in to your Google Workspace administrator account, open the Customer Care Portal.

    Open the Customer Care Portal

  2. In the search box, describe your technical issue or question. Then, click Get help.
  3. Review the help content suggestions. If none resolve your issue or question, continue to the next step.
  4. At the top, click Create support case.
  5. Fill out the form with the details of your request.
    • For Product type, select Google Workspace.
    • For Category, select Technical > Google Workspace APIs and Add-ons.
      If you don't see these options, choose the most relevant technical topic.

      If the API or add-ons hadn't been a problem before the issue occurred, then the following information will help us understand your issue:

      • The API or add-on name and method, if applicable
      • The affected user ID which had been running the API or add-on
      • The date and time on which the issue began
      • The frequency at which the issue is recurring
      • The error code and its message
      • The full API request and response headers including the timestamp and body, if applicable

      If it’s an API issue, is it reproducible using the OAuth 2.0 Playground or APIs Explorer? For details, go to OAuth 2.0 Playground and Google APIs Explorer.

  6. Click Submit.

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