G Suite API support

If you have the legacy free edition of G Suite, upgrade to G Suite Basic to get this feature. 

The G Suite Support Team provides API support for G Suite and Cloud Identity Premium customers in the following product areas:

  • APIs related to core G Suite services
  • SSO, including SAML apps
  • App Maker (available with G Suite Business, Education, and Enterprise editions only)

Break-fix support

For break-fix support, please contact G Suite Support. The Support team can also answer general ‘How to’ questions. As API questions are likely to be quite technical, we recommend filing a case via Email, rather than using Chat or Phone.

Developer support

Guides and developer support are available for each API. Click a Support link below to access the following information:

  • Questions and Advice (via Stack Overflow, or other dedicated support forums) — how to perform specific operations, via supported coding languages.
  • Bugs — how to determine if a bug already exists, or report a new one.
  • Missing Features — how to file a request to add a feature to the specified API.

Questions about an API or developer service not listed below?

API help for Additional Google services or Google Apps Script is available on the Support tab of the relevant service or product.

Admin APIs
Alert Center API Guide  |  Support
Admin Settings API (until Oct. 31, 2018) 1 Guide  |  Support
Data Transfer API Guide  |  Support
Directory API Guide  |  Support
Domain Shared Contacts API Guide  |  Support
Email Audit API Guide  |  Support
Email Settings API (Oct. 16, 2019) 1 Guide  |  Support  |  Migration
Enterprise License Manager API Guide  |  Support
Google Vault API Guide  |  Support
Groups Migration API Guide  |  Support
Groups Settings API Guide  |  Support
Reports API Guide  |  Support
Collaboration APIs
Google Calendar API Guide  |  Support
Google Classroom API Guide  |  Support
Google Docs API Guide  |  Support
Google Drive API Guide  |  Support
Google Drive Activity API Guide  |  Support
Google Picker API Guide  |  Support
Google Sheets API Guide  |  Support
Google Sites API (Classic Sites only) Guide  |  Support
Google Slides API Guide  |  Support
Google Tasks API Guide  |  Support
Google+ Domains  API 2 (until March 7, 2019)  Guide  |  Support
Messaging APIs
Gmail API Guide  |  Support
Google Contacts API (People API recommended) Guide  |  Support
Hangouts Chat API Guide  |  Support
People API Guide  |  Support
G Suite Marketplace API Guide  |  Support
G Suite Reseller API Guide  |  Support
Auth APIs
OAuth Guide  |  Questions
OpenID Connect Guide  |  Questions
Single sign-on (SSO)
Third Party IdP Guide
SAML app (Google IdP) Guide
App Maker 
App Maker Guide  |  Support
Cloud Search API
Cloud Search Guide  |  Reference


[1] Deprecated - Turn down on the specified date.
[2] Not Google+ API.

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