Install and prepare GCRS

Step 1: Download the connector

Before you begin with Google Calendar Resource Sync (GCRS), you must complete all the installation steps. First, download the connector.

Download the connector

Connector components

Distribution kit

This kit contains 2 IBM® Notes® templates, gcrs.ntf and gcrs-log.ntf. It also contains the service account DLL that is needed if you want to use a service account to access your G Suite Calendar resources.

Service account DLL

The kit includes two DLL files: 

  • win32\service_account_com_dll.dll  (32 bit)
  • x64\service_account_com_dll.dll  (64 bit) 

If you want to use a service account to access your G Suite Calendar resources you will need to register the appropriate DLL on your GCRS server. This file isn't needed if you are using 3-legged OAuth as your authorization method.

GCRS database

The GCRS database is created manually on the IBM Domino® server from the gcrs.ntf template.

The database contains the system configuration and a set of resource profiles. A single resource profile identifies an IBM Notes and a G Suite resource to be synchronized by the system.

The database also includes the schedule agent Sync Calendars. This agent is responsible for synchronizing the resources between the two systems.

GCRS log

A log database is created automatically from the gcrs-log.ntf template when GCRS is configured for the first time. The following events are logged to this database:

  • Product authorization
  • Uploading and provisioning of resources
  • Synchronization events
  • Calendar conflicts


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