Share contacts by changing directory settings

The Google Apps Directory is a browseable and searchable list of the user names and email addresses in your domain that's shared with everyone in your organization. By default, the Google Apps Directory includes each user’s primary email address and any email aliases. As an administrator, you can control which of these email addresses appear in the Directory by adjusting the sharing settings. You can also hide users from the Google Apps Directory.

Email addresses that users saved as personal contacts (under My Contacts) are not included in the Directory and are not affected by changes made to the contact sharing setting. Suspended and deleted users also do not appear in the Directory.

Using the Contact Manager, all users can search the Google Apps Directory, or browse all entries by clicking the Directory link on the left navigation bar. Users can also find Directory entries when using the autocomplete function in Google Apps and other services enabled for your domain.

Contact sharing is enabled by default if you have the Contacts service turned on. Contact sharing can be turned off (and turned back on) at any time.

To change which email addresses appear in the Google Apps Directory:

  1. Sign in to the Google Admin console.
  2. Click Apps > Google Apps > Contacts > Sharing settings.
  3. Check Enable contact sharing.
  4. Specify which email addresses to include in the shared contact list:
    • Show all email addresses: Include both the primary email address and any alias addresses for users in the domain.
    • Hide the primary email address if the user has an alias: Only show the primary email address for users who don't have an email alias. For users with an alias, show the email alias instead of the primary email address.
    • Hide aliases: Include only primary email addresses. Do not include aliases.
    • Only show email addresses on the user's primary domain: Include all email addresses belonging to the user's defined primary domain. Hide all other aliases.
  5. Choose what is shown in the browsable directory in Contact Manager:
    • Show only domain profiles: Include profiles of users with accounts in your domain only.
    • Show only domain shared contacts: Include contacts added to the list using the Domain Shared Contacts API. They are people who don't have email addresses in your domain, but who your people need to be able to contact.
    • Show both domain profiles and domain shared contacts: Include both the aforementioned internal users and external contacts.
    Note that the name format of directory entries follows the name format setting in Gmail.
  6. Click Save Changes.

To disable Contact sharing, select Disable contact sharing and click Save Changes.

Disabling contact sharing removes all Directory entries from search results within the Contact Manager and from autocomplete in Google Apps and other services enabled for your domain. It also removes the browsable Directory group from every user’s Contact Manager. If you specifically want to exclude domain-shared contacts from the Contact Manager and autocomplete results without fully disabling contact sharing, you can choose Show only domain profiles.

To re-enable Contact Sharing, select Enable contact sharing and follow the instructions above to control which email addresses appear in the Google Apps Directory.

Note: It may take up to 24 hours for any changes made to the Contact Sharing setting to appear in the Google Apps Directory.
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