Use non-Google services with a domain registered through Google

If you purchased your domain name from a Google domain host partner while signing up for a Google Cloud product, we configure your domain's DNS records to work with Google services. To use your domain with services not provided by Google—for example, to host a web site using a third-party provider—you can configure your DNS records yourself.

We can't tell you what DNS records or values to use with a third-party service—you'll have to contact the third-party provider for that information. But you can access your DNS settings to enter this information by going to your Google Admin console.

To configure DNS records for a third-party service:

  1. Find out which DNS records to enter for your domain by contacting your third-party service provider.
  2. Go to Domains > Advanced DNS settings in your Google Admin console to access and update your DNS records with this information. For details, see Access DNS records from a partner host.

You can also transfer your domain to a different domain host.

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