Add a domain or domain alias

If you own multiple domain names that you want to use with Google services, you can add these domains to your Google for Work account at no extra cost. Users can have an identity at one or more domains. And you manage the domains and their users from the same Admin console.

Add your domain either as a domain alias for your primary domain, or as a separate domain. Which should I choose?

The legacy free edition of Google Apps only supports domain aliases, not secondary domains.
Additional domains are subject to certain limitations. Before adding a domain, see Limitations with multiple domains.

To add a domain to your organization's Google account:

  1. Sign in to the Google Admin console.
  2. From the dashboard, click Domains Where is it?.
    If you don't see Domains, click More controls.
  3. Click Add/remove domains > Add a domain or a domain alias.
  4. To add the domain as a domain alias for your primary domain, select Add a domain alias of primary-domain-name.

    Note: Domain aliases for secondary domains must be added via the Domains API.

  5. To add the domain as a separate domain, select Add another domain. Which should I choose?
  6. Enter the name of the domain to add to your account.
    You must own the domain name, and it must not be registered as part of any other Google account.
  7. Click Continue and verify domain ownership.
    If the domain name is already registered as part of a Google account, an error message appears. You can't add the domain to this account until you remove it from the existing account.
  8. Choose the method for verifying your ownership of the domain and follow the instructions to complete verification.
  9. Click Verify and continue to setup email delivery.
  10. Update the domain's MX records to route mail to Google's mail servers.
    Do this only if you've activated Gmail and want users to receive mail for this domain in their Gmail inboxes.
  11. Click I have completed these steps.

View the status of your domain verification on the Domains page in your Admin console. Immediately after you complete the steps above, the status should read "Updating." When your ownership is verified, the status becomes "Active." For domain aliases, it can take up to 24 hours after verification for all users to receive their alias email addresses.

By default, Google uses the name of your primary domain as your organization name in your Admin console and on users' services pages. When you add domains, you might want to change your organization name to a more inclusive name.
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