Add services to your account

When you sign up for Google Apps, core Apps services are added to your Google account and become available to your users. These include Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Drive, and more. You can add more Apps services, for example, to upgrade to Google Apps for Business or purchase additional Drive storage for users. Or if you remove a core service you don't want to use, you can add it back later.

You only need to perform these steps to add Google Apps upgrades or enhancements, or to add back a core service you removed. Non-core services like Google+, Google Voice, Blogger, Adwords, and so on (see full list), are always added. To control who can use those services, you turn the services On or Off.

To add a Google Apps service:

  1. Sign in to the Google Admin console.
  2. On the dashboard, click Google Apps.
  3. Click . A page appears listing the services that are available to add.
  4. Click Add it now under the description of the service you want to add.

After adding a service, you can control who gets to use it by turning it On or Off—either for everyone in your account or for users in specific organizational units. For details, see Turn a service On or Off for users.