Order your devices

If you buy at least 2 devices, you can communicate between rooms. To order Google Meet hardware:

  1. Contact your preferred Google reseller, or fill out the Google reseller contact form.
  2. Complete the ordering process as instructed by your reseller
  3. Provide the information summarized below.

Note: This information is required by Google to set up your device licenses. 

Provide information to complete your order

Your reseller sometimes requests this information after the transaction is complete. The exact information requested might differ, depending on the Google reseller.

Info Description
Google Workspace administrator The name of the person who will manage the devices using the Google Admin console
Phone number The phone number for reaching the administrator 
Email address

The email address where you want to receive communication, including a welcome email

  • The welcome email includes instructions to sign in to the Admin console and manage your account, domain, and devices.
  • This email address must be in the same domain as the one you used for your Google Meet hardware license. It will be used to create your Google Account.
Off-domain email address

An alternative email address that's in a different domain 

The Admin console username and password are also sent to this email address.

Google app domain name

The production domain name where the devices will be used, such as altrostrat.com

  • This provides additional protection and visibility when meeting with people outside of your organization. It also associates your devices to your domain. 
  • Review the domain management summary if your organization has multiple network domains or multiple Google Workspace accounts.
  • Once domain verification is complete in the Admin console, device licenses will be added to your account. It can take up to 4 hours. 

If you don’t have a domain, create one using a service such as GoDaddy. You must have access to the domain DNS settings.

After you provide the setup information to your reseller and the transaction is complete, wait for your confirmation email.  

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