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Share G Suite services with another domain

Do you have users in multiple domains who want to share and collaborate using G Suite? For example, a company with the domain might acquire another company at the domain Employees at each company want to have an email address and account at their respective domain, and they also want to share G Suite services with each other.

To let users share services across domains, you need to add the new domain as a separate domain and then add user accounts to it.

Add a domain
  1. Sign up for G Suite using your primary domain.
  2. Add another domain you own as a separate domain, not a domain alias.
  3. Add users and select which domain to add them to.

Each user gets an email address (if you're using Gmail) and username at the domain you add them to. They sign in to their account with this username so they can synchronize services across devices, meet in Hangouts, invite other users to Google Calendar events, and, in general, collaborate with other users. For details, see How to share.

For details on certain restrictions, see Limitations with multiple domains.

Ready to begin? Add a domain now

Do your users want to share files externally with people in different domains? You can whitelist domains to allow file sharing to external, trusted domains that you specify. Whitelisting a trusted domain also allows users in your organization to receive files from users of the trusted domain.
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