Managing Calendar for Google Workspace

Your team can use Google Calendar to schedule meetings, share schedules, and collaborate on team calendars. Learn more about Google Calendar features.

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As an administrator, you can:

Calendar sharing settings

Set sharing options

Make settings in your Google Admin console to specify how users can share their primary calendar inside and outside your domain. Specify whether to show event details or keep them private, whether people outside your domain can change calendars, and more.

Create resources

Create resources

You can create resources that users can add to their event such a meeting room, projector, company car or any other resource that the people in your organization might schedule a time to use. Once a resource is created and shared with your users, people can add it to events much the same way as you invite guests to events.

Calendar Hangout

Automatically add video calls to events

Classic Hangouts provides a secure video conferencing system for use within your organization. If you turn on classic Hangouts for your domain, you can automatically create a video call every time a user creates a new Google Calendar event. Users can remove the video call from individual events, or change its name.

Migrate and sync your calendars
If your organization is switching to Google Workspace from Microsoft Exchange or Lotus Notes, you can migrate your user's data to Google Workspace. Or if people in your organization want to continue to use their old calendar, they can use one of our synchronization tools to sync their calendar data.

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