GoDaddy MX records

If you purchased your domain from GoDaddy while signing up for Google Apps, do not use these instructions. Google will automatically configure the MX records for your domain when you activate email in the Google Admin console.


To update your MX records with this Domain Name System (DNS) provider, first understand MX records and learn how to configure them for Google Apps in general.

There are two ways to create MX records for the Google Apps mail servers when GoDaddy hosts your domain:


To manually create MX records for a domain hosted by GoDaddy:

  1. Log in to your account at by clicking the My Account tab.
  2. Under the Domains header, find the domain you're using with Google Apps. Click (Advanced Details) to the right of this domain.
  3. Under the DNS Manager header, click Launch.
  4. In the MX (Mail Exchanger) section, click Quick Add.
  5. Include the MX record values shown in the MX record values table with an @ sign in the Host field and the destination in the Points to field.
  6. Repeat for each of the five servers.
  7. Once you've added all five MX records in the table, click Save Zone File at the top or the bottom of the page.
Be aware it may take as long as 72 hours before DNS changes are propagated, depending on the time to live (TTL) that was configured for your records. Until records have been updated worldwide, you will still receive traffic to your old server.


Follow the steps within Troubleshoot MX records to fix your DNS setup.