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Manage templates for Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Forms

As a Google Drive and Docs administrator, you can enable users in your organization to add and use templates for Docs, SheetsSlides, and Forms. By default, all users in your organization can submit templates.

Optionally, you can also: 

  • Remove any template from the gallery.
  • Change the category of any template in the gallery.
  • Submit any template to the gallery that you have edit access to or that has been shared with find and view access for the entire domain.

You can modify the submission settings for templates to one of the following:
This feature is available with G Suite Business, Education, and Enterprise editions. Compare editions

  • Template submissions must be approved by an administrator.
  • Only allow administrators to submit templates.

Tip: Learn more about using templates.

Change template settings
  1. Sign in to the Google Admin console.
  2. From the Admin console dashboard, go to Appsand thenG Suiteand thenDrive and Docs.

  3. Select Templates.

  4. Manage the categories that can be used to organize your organization’s templates. Users can then use these categories to help them find relevant templates.

    1. Adding categories: Enter a category name and click Add.

    2. Removing categories: Deselect the checkbox next to the category in order to remove it.

      • You have the option to move templates currently in that category into another category.

      • If another category isn’t selected, any templates that were in the removed category appear in the gallery as “Uncategorized”.

  5. (G Suite Business only) Select an option to restrict who can submit templates:

    1. Open—(Default) Anyone in your organization can submit templates.

    2. Moderated—An administrator with the “Docs Templates” privilege  must approve templates submitted by users.

    3. Restricted—Only administrators with the “Docs Templates” privilege can submit templates.

  6. Deselect Enable custom templates for your organization to turn off the ability to submit and use organization-specific templates.

  7. Click Save.

Approve or reject a template

For G Suite Business domains with the “Moderated” setting, administrators with the “Docs Templates” privilege  must approve user template submissions using the link in an email notice.


  • All administrators with the “Drive and Docs” privilege receive the email approval notice for each submission.  If another admin approves or rejects the template request before you, it will appear as reviewed.
  • If a template is mistakenly approved, it can be removed in the template gallery.
  • If a template is mistakenly rejected, it can be resubmitted.
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