Add recovery options to your administrator account

Not required for the initial administrator. If you're the administrator who signed up for your Google Cloud account, you already supplied recovery information when you signed up so you don't have to add it as described here.

If you were granted administrator privileges to your Google Cloud account by another administrator, be sure to add a recovery phone number and email address to your account. That way, if you forget the password to your account, you can click the Forgot password? link on the sign-in page and we'll send you a new password via your choice of phone, text, or email. Until we have your recovery information, we won't be able to reset your administrator password via phone or email.

Add recovery information to your account

You can use a phone number or email address to get back into your Google Account if you can't sign in. For details, go to Set up a recover phone number or email address.

Note: Administrator passwords can't be reset using phone and email methods for accounts with more than 3 super administrators or 500 users. If your account exceeds these limits, see these other ways to reset passwords.

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