Customize a Google Site address

This feature is not available in the legacy free edition of Google Apps.

You can create easy-to-remember addresses for public web sites your users build in Google Sites. For example, you can create the address for your company web site, for your support site, and so on. Otherwise, when you create a site in Google Apps using Google Sites, the site's address is

To create a custom address for a web site:

  1. Build the site in Google Sites.
  2. Make the site public so people outside your organization can visit it.
  3. Map your site to your desired custom address.

    Follow the instructions for Google Apps users to map your site to its desired prefix, such as www or support. This prefix is also known as a subdomain.

  4. Add a CNAME record mapping this same prefix to the Google server

    You add a CNAME record using the administrative tools at your domain host, not in the Google Admin console.

    If you purchased your domain from a domain host partner during the sign-up process, you don't need to add a CNAME for your www prefix. We’ve already created that record for you.

Public users can now navigate to your site using the shorter, more friendly address, such as or

Users who are signed in to their Google Apps account can also navigate to the site using this address. When they get there, however, the address in their browser bar will revert to the longer default address,