Renewal options

If you're on the Annual Plan, the default renewal option for your account is to automatically renew the number of licenses when subscription expires. If you want to change this setting, follow the instructions below.

  1. Sign in to the Google Admin console
  2. Select Billing.
    Where is it? 
  3. Click on the [+] to expand your Billing details.
  4. Click the blue change link next to your current renewal option.
  5. Select your new option and click Save.

The renewal options are:

  • Auto-renew my contract — On the renewal date, you begin a new 12-month subscription for this account's number of user licenses. Notifications are sent automatically to you 30 days and 3 days before the renewal date.

  • Reduce my contract — Use this option if you want to renew your annual number of licenses to be the same as your existing users. For example, for your account that currently has 50 licenses of which 45 are registered to existing users, the renewed number of licenses is 45.

  • Switch to Flexible Plan — A non-automatic renewal will switch your account from the Annual Plan to the Flexible Plan at the end of the subscription period. See below for additional details on this option.

  • Cancel my service at the end of my term — Service for your account will be suspended when the subscription period ends.

If you select Switch to Flexible Plan, this is the timeline of what happens:

  • 30 days before renewal date you are sent an email reminder. This message is sent again 3 days before your renewal date.
  • On the renewal date, if you don't renew, your account is switched from the Annual Plan to the Flexible Plan.

You have 3 options:

  • Do nothing — Your account is switched to the Flexible Plan with no annual commitment.
  • Renew the annual commitment — Your subscription is renewed through your Google Admin console.
  • Delete the account — All users must be deleted from the account before the account deletion is completed. The account deletion is finalized within 24 hours after this option is enabled (or 7 days if you purchased your account from a reseller). For instructions and details, please see Cancel your Google Apps account.