Email Migration API

This feature is not available in the legacy free edition of Google Apps.

The Email Migration API enables you to migrate email from any email data source into a Google Apps Gmail account. You can write extraction code which operates against an email server data store, interface protocol, or email client data store. You can then use this API to upload the email messages to a target mailbox, specifying the correct labels, date, and status. The Email Migration API supports administrators migrating mail to accounts other than their own, and supports end users migrating mail to their own accounts.

Email Migration API Operations and Elements

Operations/Elements Features
Operations migrate Legacy email messages to a Google Apps Gmail account
Elements include Labels, Drafts, mail appears in Inbox, Sent Mail, Starred, Trash, Unread, and Base64 Encoding

Note: For additional APIs that are used in email migration and email routing, see Google Apps Gmail APIs.

Email Migration API Resources

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