Restrict new site creation

By default, all users in your domain can create new sites. As a Google Apps account administrator, you can restrict an organization in your domain from creating new sites. Users in an organization that cannot create sites can still edit sites to which they’ve been added as collaborators by a site creator.

You can only restrict organizations - not individual users - from creating new sites. If you have one user or a set of users that you want to restrict, create a new organization for this purpose. You can also add or remove users from an existing organization.

To restrict an organization from creating new sites:

  1. Sign in to the Google Admin console

  2. Click Google Apps > Sites > Sharing settings. Where is it? 

  3. Select an organization. You will change the site creation permissions for users in this organization. If you have a lot of organizations, click the '+' button to expand your options.

  4. Under the Settings section, go to Site Creation.

  5. Under Creation of Sites, select Users at cannot create sites to disable site creation permission for all users within that organization.

  6. Click Save changes.

To restore an organization's ability to create new sites, follow the steps 1-5. At step 6, select Users at can create sites and then click Save changes. At this step, you can also click the Use inherited button near the right margin before saving. This cancels changes you made to the setting, and the suborganization inherits the setting from the parent organization.

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