About Google Groups for Business

If you enable the optional Google Groups for Business service, you can enhance messaging and collaboration among your users. With this service, users can:

  • Manage their group memberships, so they can tailor email communications to their needs, without having to make requests to your IT department.
  • Create their own groups, so they can further customize their communications -- without the need to contact your IT staff. You can give this privilege to users and remove it at any time. If you let users create their own groups, they can manage their groups to control who can join, send messages, invite members, view members, and view discussion archives.
Benefits for business users

Users can easily create groups to communicate more easily with their departments, teams, task forces, and special-interest groups. They can also create groups that people outside your organization can send messages to -- ideal for your customer service, support, and sales teams.

Benefits for educational institution users

Instructors can improve communications among students by creating groups for their classes, subjects, and grade levels. Students can use groups to reach other students in their classes, sports teams, clubs, and extracurricular activities.

You control what users can do

As a Google Apps administrator, you can enable or disable the Google Groups for Business service whenever you want. If the service is enabled, you still retain full control over the groups in your organization. You can also prevent users from adding external members to their groups, edit or delete users' groups, or even stop users from creating their own groups altogether.

How your existing groups are migrated

If you enable the Google Groups for Business service, any groups that you previously created using the Admin console are still available in the new service. All members, roles, and equivalent access settings are retained in these groups, and users can still send email to them. Learn more

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