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    What's new in GSMME

    As we add features, enhancements, and fixes to G Suite Migration for Microsoft® Exchange (GSMME), we'll regularly update this page. Download the latest version of GSMME from the download page. To learn more about the migration tool, see About migrating data with GSMME.

    GSMME used to be know as Google Apps Migration for Microsoft Exchange (GAMME). 

    February 13, 2017

    What's fixed
    • Fixed an issue where calendar exceptions to recurring events were not being migrated for the invited users.
    • Fixed an issue where migrated email messages may include unexpected characters at the end of the email.
    • Migrations to Google Vault are now faster.

    November 22, 2016

    What's new

    Google Apps Migration for Microsoft Exchange has a new name, G Suite Migration for Microsoft Exchange (GSMME).

    May 18, 2016

    What's fixed

    Fixed an issue where labels were being created in a user’s mailbox when migrating to Vault.

    February 28, 2016

    What's fixed

    Fixed an issue where a message with an X500 sender address that couldn't be resolved to a valid SMTP address migrates with the From header of "unknown@domain."

    Fixed an issue where messages failed to migrate to Gmail if they were in folders with leading or trailing spaces, or there were two or more consecutive embedded spaces in the folder name.

    January 11, 2016

    What's fixed

    Fixed an issue where messages from a PST file containing invalid values in MAPI properties were converted to MIME messages with invalid From headers and then rejected by the Gmail API.

    OAuth token is now refreshed before it expires, resulting in fewer 401 errors during large migrations.

    Improved back-off behavior when the server returns an HTTP status 429 (Too Many Requests) response.

    Message bodies are no longer written to the trace log when an email upload fails.

    November 10, 2015

    What's new

    Added the quotaUser argument to all API requests to ensure the API quota is counted per user and not per IP.

    What's fixed

    Fixed an issue where messages were rejected by the Gmail API if the From header did not contain a valid SMTP address.

    Failed API requests are now retried correctly using increasing intervals (exponential back-off).

    October 25, 2015

    What's fixed

    Messages greater than 5Mb were failing to migrate.

    October 19, 2015

    What's new

    Service Accounts and OAuth 2.0 tokens are now used for data migration authorization. This replaces the deprecated OAuth 1.0 protocol.

    GAMME now uses the Gmail API for mail migration and label creation replacing the Email Migration API v2 and Email Settings API respectively.

    Reserved labels are now prefixed with an underscore to ensure proper nesting in the Gmail web interface. For example, a folder named "Inbox/Receipts" is migrated as "_Inbox/Receipts."

    If the migration user list includes a user that doesn't exist or there's an authorization issue, GAMME now detects the problem in all cases and doesn't try to migrate that user. Previously, GAMME would try each message individually and the failure would take a longer time.

    Minor UI and logging improvements.

    What's fixed

    Multiple labels with names more than 225 characters long could cause a crash. 

    Messages in subfolders of Deleted Items were not being correctly marked as Trash in Gmail.

    Messages migrated from Exchange Public Folders to Google Groups show sender as ""

    GAMME would crash if any command line flag or setting content included "%s."

    GAMME would fail to migrate the sender SMTP address in some rare cases.

    IMAP commands and responses in the logs were sometimes truncated.

    Release 4.4.2166.1322
    April 28, 2015

    What's fixed

    Running GAMME from the command line against an IMAP source using --nouse_gui with start and end date parameters was not being properly honored. Message content outside of the date range was being migrated. Content outside the date range is no longer incorrectly migrated.

    Release 4.3.2132.1410
    March 24, 2015

    What's fixed

    Deleted items were being migrated into the Gmail inbox and not trash. Deleted items now are properly migrated to trash.

    Changed the required minimum wait between email migration API requests from 700ms to 1000ms.

    Release 4.2.2122.753
    March 11, 2015

    What's fixed

    GAMME now properly includes the project key with each request to fully account for EMAPI API quota. This fix prevents future issues that may occur if the API quota limits are exhausted.

    Release 4.1.2089.1157
    February 17, 2015

    What's new

    New APIs

    GAMME email migrations now uses the latest Email Migration API (version 2).

    GAMME now uses latest Directory API (version 1) for user validation.

    Vault migrations

    GAMME Vault migrations now strip user labels by default. Administrators no longer need to specify the
    --strip_user_labels option.

    Blocked content can be written to mbox file

    Where some file types are blocked and can't be migrated due to file size or type, the administrator can choose to have the message content written to a user-specific mbox file.

    What's fixed

    The command line option --strip_user_labels is now showing in the command line --help details.

    The command line option --migrate_to_vault is now showing in the command line --help details. It is now no longer ignored when using the GUI to perform the migration.

    Release 4.0.1816.543
    May 29, 2014

    What's new

    Outlook 2013 is now supported (not including Click-to-Run editions).

    What's fixed

    This release fixes the following issues:

    • GAMME no longer crashes during IMAP migrations if some messages can't be downloaded from the IMAP server.
    • GAMME no longer crashes while loading the folder hierarchy in some Exchange/PST migrations.
    • The help tooltips' content was updated and some broken Learn more links fixed.
    • GAMME can now get the sender's email address from the message's internet headers even if it's missing from the sender field in Outlook.
    • GAMME no longer crashes when migrating multiple PSTs for the same user.
    • Running an IMAP migration from the command line no longer fails to start with an error about missing command line flags.
    • The command line flag trace in the GAMME logs is no longer truncated.
    • Calendar migrations now recognize more timezones.
    • The migration no longer fails to migrate some folders due to reaching the label creation rate limit of the Email Settings API. Label creation is now retried up to 10 times.
    • Project IDs created using the Google Developers Console can now be used as consumer key and consumer secret for migrations. See Use a Developers Console API project for the migration for more information.
    • Some events would fail with error 0x80040304 during Calendar migrations - this is now fixed.
    • Some textual corrections.

    Release 4.0.1613.231
    October 22, 2013

    What's new

    New user interface

    A new Advanced Options dialog is available for more complete migration support. Also, a Gmail-to-G Suite migration option that uses IMAP.

    Support for Google Vault 

    A new option is available to add all migrated email messages to
    Google Vault, an archiving and eDiscovery add-on for G Suite.

    Public folders migration

    You can now migrate public folders from Microsoft Exchange Server by selecting an option in the desktop interface. (Previously, public folder migration was available only through the command line interface.)

    What's fixed

    This release comes with minor technical fixes and improvements to the GAMME migration tool in the following areas:

    • Fixed calendar event limits. GAMME will no longer reach a calendar event creation limit when migrating a large number of events.
    • Fixed vacation responder and auto forwarding of rules on users' mailboxes.

    Release 3.0.1365.453
    February 14, 2013

    What's new

    New command supported --exclude_message_classes

    The command --exclude_message_classes="<string1>,<string2>" allows IT administrators to exclude messages from being migrated from Exchange to G Suite based on their message class. For more about message classes, see Microsoft's support site. For more details about using commands with GAMME, see Run GAMME from the command line.

    What's fixed

    This release comes with minor technical fixes and improvements to the GAMME migration tool in the following areas:

    • Improvements to the migration reports GAMME generates.
    • Fixes to estimating the number of calendar events to migrate.
    • Fixes to migrating recurring calendar events when date ranges are given.

    Release 3.0.1300.1843
    December 11, 2012

    What's new

    Calendar migration for resources

    Migrate calendar resources (like meeting rooms) from Exchange to G Suite. During migration, you can also change event attendees from email addresses in Exchange to email addresses in G Suite.

    Public folder migration

    Migrate public folders in Exchange to Google Groups using the command line.

    Support for Admin-mode migration with Cyrus/Mirapoint IMAP servers

    For more information, the GAMME Admin Guide (PDF).

    Support for IMAP servers with varying capabilities

    For more information, the GAMME Admin Guide (PDF).

    Improved in-product help and error reporting

    Click on a question mark in the product to get helpful tips on using the tool. Error reporting is more descriptive in the final step of the tool after you run a migration.

    Improved user interface design

    Updated look to GAMME 3.0 tool.

    What's fixed

    Minor technical fixes to the GAMME migration tool.

    Release 2.3.1010.507
    February 22, 2012

    What's new

    Minor technical fixes and minor updates to the GAMME migration tool.

    Release 2.3
    November 4, 2011

    What's new

    Pre-migration diagnostics

    Check for configuration errors in connectivity and authentication; and errors in your user list before you run a migration.

    Detailed migration reports

    Quickly determine if any message errors occurred during a migration, why those errors occurred, and which users were affected by them.

    IMAP server list

    Allows you to choose the specific type of IMAP server from which you are migrating data, which improves performance.

    Improved data estimation feature

    Feature now uses multi-threading for significantly faster overall data migration estimations.

    New command line options:

    Command What it does
    --emapi_sleep_time Specifies the interval between two EMAPI requests to throttle the upload
    --run_diagnostics Runs pre-migration diagnostics
    --imap_server_type Specifies the type of IMAP server from which you are migrating data
    --noenable_error_reports Prevents the utility from generating migration reports, which improves performance
    What's fixed

    Migration fails for users with device name

    • Issue: If user names were the same as special device names (such as com0...com9, lpt0...lpt9), their migration would fail.
    • Resolution: Migrations no longer fail is user names are the same as special device names.

    Unread messages in GASMO

    • Issue: After GAMME migrated data, GASMO would synchronize all messages as unread.
    • Resolution: Synchronized messages in GASMO no longer appear as unread.

    Contacts in two groups in GASMO

    • Issue: After GAMME migrated data, users who synchronized personal contacts with GASMO would see their contacts in two separate groups.
    • Resolution: Synchronized personal contacts in GASMO no longer appear in two separate groups.

    IMAP migration failures

    • Issue: IMAP migration would fail if a user's password in the CSV file contained a semicolon.
    • Resolution: IMAP migrations no longer fail if a user's password contains a semicolon.

    Duplicate folders migrated

    • Issue: GAMME would sometimes migrate folders twice from IMAP servers.
    • Resolution: GAMME no longer migrates some folders twice from IMAP servers.

    Infinite loop with error "stream error - socket could not be read or written"

    • Issue: If GAMME's connection to the migration server was dropped and this error occurred, GAMME would appear to be in an infinite loop.
    • Resolution: If GAMME loses its connection to a migration server, the utility now stops instead of appearing to be in an infinite loop.

    Release 2.2.685.1005
    April 2011

    What's new

    Support for Exchange 2010

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