Reporting tools overview

You can monitor how individual Google services are being used and managed across your organization in your Admin console's Reports section. Here you'll find the following tools to analyze your team's use of collaboration, identify unwanted security patterns, diagnose configuration problems, and understand how users create and share content.

  • Usage graphs. See at-a-glance, your organization's usage of individual services—such as the total email activity over the past month, or the number of documents being created and shared. Also view usage of mobile and Chrome devices.
  • Audit logs. Track specific user activities such as service settings made by other administrators, document edits, or access of Marketplace apps.
  • Email log search. Sift through recent mail delivery logs to track down missing messages or troubleshoot other mail-flow issues.
  • Additional (user behavior) reports. Monitor other specific user behaviors, such as their disk-space consumption or email client choices.
Stay on top of important events such as suspicious login attempts or service setting changes made by other administrators, by enabling Account activity alerts.
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