Duet AI is now Gemini for Google Workspace. Learn more

Get Gemini for Google Workspace

3. Help your users get started

After you and your users have Gemini for Google Workspace licenses, you all can start using Gemini (  along with Gemini in Gmail, Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Meet. 

Get help, tips, and quick start guides

To help people in your organization start using Gemini for Google Workspace, send your users to the Google Workspace Learning Center.

Visit the Learning Center

At the Learning Center...

  • Get started using Gemini for Google Workspace
  • Learn to write great AI prompts
  • Get role-related tips such as for sales and marketing

And in other help centers...

Important: A user's preferred language affects the availability of Gemini for Google Workspace features:

  • All Gemini for Google Workspace features are available to users who have set their language to English. Additionally, Gemini in Gmail and Google Docs now accepts Spanish and Portuguese prompts and will respond in those languages.
  • Gemini in Gmail and Google Docs is also available to users who have set their language to Spanish or Portuguese. However, these users don't have access to Gemini in Sheets, Slides, and Meet.

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