Approve mobile devices for activation

This feature is not available in the legacy free edition of Google Apps.

On the Device activation page, you can approve or block devices for activation. Devices will only show up in this tab if you've checked Enable device activation on the Device management settings page. To access the Device activation page, sign in to your Google Admin console, at Go to Device management > Mobile > Device activation.

Enable device activation

If you've included your email in the box provided, you will receive an email notifying you about a pending device activation.

Note: The Device activation page is only for Google Sync, Android and iOS devices. BlackBerry devices or devices connecting with Google Apps only through IMAP or POP will not show up in this tab.

Activation: Android Devices

Before enabling the setting above, instruct your Android users to download the Google Apps Device Policy app on their device. They will need to follow these instructions to set up the app.

When a user reaches Step 3 in setting up Device Policy on their Android, their device will show a screen that it's Pending Approval. The user will also receive an automated email saying that their device is pending approval. See below for how to approve the device.

If your organization has Android devices with the Device Policy app installed and enabled and successfully syncing with Google Apps before you enable device activation, they will be put into the Approved state automatically. Any Android device in your organization syncing Google Apps data without the Device Policy app will stop syncing after you turn on Enable device activation.

App auditing and Device Policy features for Android

After your user successfully sets up Device Policy, you can at any time block the device or remotely wipe the device if it's lost or stolen.

If you've selected Enable application auditing, you can audit applications by clicking on the user and seeing what Android apps he's installed that are accessing his Google Apps data. See Devices for more information.

Additionally, Device Policy provides management features to the user like allowing him to remotely locate his device and remotely ring it if he loses it.

If the user has an Android device running Froyo (Android 2.2) and having difficulty downloading the Device Policy app, see these instructions. To troubleshoot user issues with Device Policy, see the FAQs and error messages.

Activation: iOS Devices

Once you have enabled the setting above, device activation will work only if Enforce policies on iOS devices is turned on. If iOS policies are not enforced then device activation will not be applicable in iOS devices. If device activation is not applicable, the user will get an alert message after device registration if he tries to access the Gmail or Google Drive app.

Activation: Google Sync Devices

After you enable the settings above, a user will get an error on his Google Sync device (such as an iPhone, iPad, or Windows Phone) when he tries to sync the device to Google Apps. The user will also receive an email notifying him about the pending state. See below for how to approve the device.

If your organization has Google Sync devices that are successfully syncing with their Google Apps accounts before you enable activation, they will be put into the Approved state automatically. If you want to block any existing devices from syncing, you can go to the Managed devices page and block devices at any time. If devices have not communicated with our servers for an extended period of time, devices will need to go through the activation flow after you enable device activation.

How to activate a device

Go to the Device activation page, hover over the device, and click Approve. This Device activation page shows all devices in your domain pending activation. You need to approve Android devices that are being set up with Android for Work twice. After you activate a device, it will disappear from this page, and it can be found on the Mobile devices page.  

Activate a device

If you do not have Enable device activation checked, your users' devices can access Google Apps data in your domain without you having to approve each device. You will still be able to see their device on the Mobile devices page.

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